9.2 Raid Items Needed (3/3/22)

Hi everyone!

This will be linked in the Discord for easy access. If any of our raiders in the Proudmoore guild want to help with supplies (for crafting gear and for consumables in raid) we’re looking for the following items at this time (3/3/22). As we talked about, none of this is mandatory, but any donations are greatly appreciated to help out the team and so not only one or two people are having to finance or grind the mats for raid! If you’d like to donate any of these items, they can be placed in the Raiding Mats section of the Guild bank!

Fish/Meat (for Feasts):

Herbs (for Flasks/Cauldrons/Oils):

  • Nightshade
  • Rising Glory
  • Marrowroot
  • Widowbloom
  • Vigil’s Torch
  • Death Blossom

For Gear:

  • Progenitor Essentia (This makes 262 crafted gear and is a component in Legendary crafting)
  • Desolate Leather
  • Heavy Desolate Leather
  • Callous Hide
  • Heavy Callous Hide
  • Silken Protofiber
  • Lightless Silk
  • Shrouded Cloth
  • Shadghast Ingot
  • Solenium Ore
  • Sinvyr Ore
  • Phaedrum Ore
  • Oxxein Ore
  • Laestrite Ore
  • Progrenium Ore
  • Elethium Ore
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Thanks for putting this here, Ethex! I was actually going to ask this morning which items I should focus on grinding out. I know where most of the materials come from already, but I’ll need to lookup where to find Precursor Placoderm and Progenitor Essentia. I feel like I’ve already gotten a bit of Protoflesh by doing random things in the new zone, but there’s probably a better way to farm it than wandering around aimlessly :rofl:

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I love the tooltip for the Precursor Placoderm Bait.

Use: Slightly increases the chance to catch Precursor Placoderm for 30 min.

LOL! This is going to be a pain to farm!

Also, I added 6,000 Protoflesh to the guild bank :heart:

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@Levenit I changed a couple of the items on the list to be links to the Wowhead article for them. It turns out that mousing over them shows the item tooltip – though, I can’t remember enabling that :rofl:

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