Bel, Leadership Team

So my name is Bel. I’ve been part of the Gaymers community for quite a few years. I came here initially from other servers and guilds who were not very nice to people who didn’t continually strive for the pinnacle of gear and perfect play at all times. In other words, those of us who have a Real Life. :slight_smile:

I stay here because Pink and Paul make it a fun, caring, and welcoming community. :heart: you guys!

I’ve been playing Wow for about 11 years I think. I started during BC with Beltaria the nelf druid as my first toon. She is still my favorite character even though I generally main a hunter now. :bow_and_arrow:

IRL – I am a 61 year old straight woman with a 21 year old daughter who is away at university. I live near DC which I love! Great place to be culturally as well as weather wise! I was married for a long time but my husband passed away suddenly about 14 years ago. About three years after he died, I started dating a guy who introduced me to WoW. The guy is long gone but I’m still playing WoW. LOL

I really enjoy being part of the guild and the social aspects of gaming. I don’t play any other games – keeping up with WoW is as much as I can do and still work and have a life.

I’m usually around on evenings and weekends so if you need help with leveling a character or running some content, let me know. I’d be happy to help. I’m on the Leadership Team with Gaymers and usually run with the Mythic Mondays group as well as the Raid Team. We have such a good time – I love it!

So that’s Bel in a nutshell. See you in Azeroth! And on Discord… :smiley:





Love ya @Bel :heart: It’s amazing to think on the many years we’ve had such an amazing person helping us lead this amazing community :heart:


I enjoy playing with you Bel :heart:


Thank you so much! The feeling is mutual, I’m so glad you are playing more with us. It’s really fun. :heart: