Brujo, Moderator

Hey All!

My real name is Ricky, though I am happy to be addressed by my name or any other displayed name in game or discord. I am a 45 Year old Gaymer from North shore Massachusetts who plays PC games like WoW (duh) and FF14.

As a Gamer, I am drawn to the social aspect of gaming. I enjoy Pen and Paper RPG’s as well due to the social nature of these types of games. I will get bored super fast playing games solo with no one to chat and enjoy the game with so gravitate to MMO’s as far as digital games go =) I have been rather M.I.A. lately from burn out and lack of social stimulation lol. I hope to return soon in full dorky force! =P

A little about my personal life:

I have a pretty awesome boyfriend who teaches me everyday what it means to be loved and how to love another person. I am a jokester, philosopher, counselor, and flirt (tastefully complementary). I enjoy humor and levity and do my best to provide it in settings I involve myself in.

I have a close-knit group of friends who are my family or “Tribe”. They challenge me as much as they accept me which makes it all worth-while. I hope everyone pursues finding their tribe. It is the greatest family we will ever know :heart:

I came out as a gay man at the age of 18 in 1994. Times were VERY different then and it was many years of getting jumped, ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted. It was, however, a time of growth, self awareness, and maturation. The fires of the forge and such :wink:
Growing up in a Latin, Orthodox Roman Catholic family, I had been taught that “gay” was not only aberrant and “sinful” but also “death-worthy”. This heightened pressure to be something i was not coupled with acute religious oppression led me to attempt to take my life. Gladly a friend found me and saved me and showed me that being Gay was as normal as rain. I am eternally grateful to him and am blessed to say we are still friends to this day. I will help ANYONE who is having troubles with their hearts in this regard. Life is worth it and will get better :heart:

I am a ministerial counselor and Ordained Minister (Non-Abrahamic) and have been since I received my Degree in divinity/theology at age 18. I love to explore life and grow. The human soul is precious. I also love to help others grow <3 I am always ever a click, text, or call away! :heart:

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. I hope your days are blessed and your hearts are at peace! I look forward to better knowing the denizens of this wonderful community that I have been blessed to be welcomed to. I pay forward that welcome to you all :heart:

Be well and be at peace!


Very glad to have you with us @Ricky! I’m glad that everything has worked out in the end! As you said, it does get better :heart: