Cross-Faction Guilds: Join the Alliance guild on a Horde character

Cross-Faction Guilds

Blizzard added the ability for players to join guilds of the opposing faction. This is such a wonderful feature, especially for servers where the player-base heavily leans towards one faction. Our Horde guild (Horde of Gaymers) has, for an example, been fairly quiet with less events than our Alliance guild (Gaymers United). This feature will enable us to use Gaymers United for both Alliance and Horde characters, and we can plan future events for both factions under that one roof.

How to get an invite

There are a couple of restrictions that Blizzard has placed for cross-faction guilds. The primary obstacle is that invitations can only be sent to players that are (1) a friend on Battle.Net, or (2) a character in a shared Battle.Net Community. Since it’s not terribly reasonable for every interested opposite-faction player to be added as a Battle.Net friend, we have created a group with an open invitation link: Blizzard App Group Invite.

So, the process of inviting someone to the Gaymers United Alliance guild would be similar to the following:

  • Invite the player to the Battle.Net community ( Blizzard App Group Invite)
  • Invite the player to the Gaymers United guild (/ginvite characterName). The player will need to be actively playing that character to receive the invite.

Cross-Faction Restrictions

  • Guilds of the opposing faction are not listed in the opposing faction’s guild finder. This means that players are not able to find and apply to Gaymers United on their Horde characters. They have to go through the aforementioned process to be invited to the guild.
  • Alliance and Horde guild members that are grouped up cannot do queued content together. This includes the Looking-for-Group (LFG), Looking-for-Raid (LFR), and other such content. Instanced content can still be run by manually forming the entire group and then going to the instance.
  • Guild achievements will be based off the leader’s faction. In our case, guild achievements will be related to the Alliance.
  • Guild members of the opposing faction will still be hostile towards one another in PvP encounters, including open-world PvP.