Materials Needed for Raid Supplies

Hi all!

I know we talked about it earlier in the meeting, so I wanted to compile that quick list of non-vendor materials for feasts/flasks/etc. if anyone wanted to contribute when Pink is able to make the guild bank adjustments. From what I’ve seen so far, these appear to be the same materials/consumables in 9.1 as we currently use. I can make any of the food and alchemy stuff, and Bel is skilled in Leatherworking for the armor kits so as long as we have the supplies we should be able to convert them easy peasy! As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Feasts (Feast of Glutton Hedonism [+20 primary] and/or Surprisingly Palatable Feast [+18 primary])

  • Spinefin Piranha
  • Silvergill Pike
  • Tenebrous Ribs
  • Phantasmal Haunch
  • Elysian Thade
  • Iridescent Amberjack
  • Pocked Bonefish

Cauldrons/Flasks (Flask of Spectral Power/Eternal Cauldron [+70 primary])

  • Shadestone
  • Nightshade
  • Rising Glory
  • Marrowroot
  • Widowbloom
  • Vigil’s Torch
  • Death Blossom

Armor Kits (Heavy Desolate Armor Kit [+32 Stamina] and/or Desolate Armor Kit [+16 Stamina])

  • Heavy Desolate Leather
  • Desolate Leather

Thanks friends!



Hey All,

I have created two tabs: Raider Mats & Raider Crafts. These tabs can be used for the materials and consumables that @Levenit mentions in the original post. On top of that, everyone that joined us for raid on Saturday should now have the rank of ‘raider’ in the guild, which will allow you to access those tabs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I missed adding you to the raiders rank, or if you need more materials out of the bank than the daily allotment (20 stacks).

Oh, I also gave raiders the ability to pay repair bills with guild funds, with a limit of 2000g per day.