Pink, Community Leader

Hello You Wonderful Droplets of Rainbow!

I supposed, to start things off, my actual name is Jonas. Feel more than welcome to call me whichever you so desire; though, most know me simply as “Pink”. Beyond that, I have a wonderful partner (@pauljorr) that continues to be a solid foundation that grounds me, both in the real world and when gaming. When we’re not gaming, we are usually cuddled up in bed watching gool ol’ television with our two cats.

As a gamer, I can recall the opening sequence to Starfox on the Nintendo 64! I believe that we also had the Super Nintendo, but I don’t remember much beyond a duck hunting game with a bright orange gun controller. Since those early days, I have mostly spent my gaming time in World of Warcraft – devoting much of my college years to skipping class, playing way too much WoW, and then cramming my homework and studying in at the very last moment. It’s only been recently (during the Battle for Azeroth expansion) that I’ve started expanding my horizons to other games, such as Subnautica, Minecraft, Diablo III, GTA5, the Witcher III, and so forth.

On a personal note, I came out as gay in my early 20s. Growing up in a rural area, I had really only understood “gay” as being something derisive – and not something that described my attraction to other guys. As the story too often goes, I got married to an absolutely wonderful woman – and I probably would have been just fine with that lot in life. We had become really great friends, and I found my attachment and affection towards her allowed me to overlook my own preferences – though, I did tell her (prior to our marriage) that I thought I was gay. Now that section of my life is over, and I have an amazing partner that puts up with my antics. :heart:

Now, as a community leader of this wonderful group, I want to let you know that I’m always just a message away. You can reach out to me here on the forums, in Discord, or in-game. I certainly won’t always have the answer, but I am more than happy to search for the answer or be a sympathetic ear. I am very much looking forward to reading everyone else’s introductions on here; please don’t hesitate to reply with any questions :heart:

With all my love,