Pre-9.1 Raid Meeting

This meeting will be held in the Raiders voice channel in the community Discord

The plan for this meeting is to discuss broad topics involving the community raid nights. This could include topics such as the following:

  • Weekday Raid Team
    • Suggested by a raider that is unable to consistently attend weekend raiding with the community.
    • Pro: opens options for members that were unable to previously raid due to time constraints
    • Con: potential to split raid attendance and increase a reliance on recruiting temporary players to fill the ranks.

Some other suggested topics:

  • Alternative regular raiding days: Pink mentioned having a weekday raid. Throwing out some other times to consider: Weekday mornings, early afternoons on the Weekend.

  • Periodic alternative regular days/Monthly floating raids: Instead of having a weekday raid every week, have it once or twice a month. Or have a “floating” raid day once or twice a month.

  • Event scheduling: (This might not be an issue for everyone–for my day job, I’m in tons of meetings everyday, so my day is tightly scheduled. I like having a single place to see all my meetings, and I like having the meetings show up in my calendar–it really helps with planning.) Right now we have event signups in discord and in the forums and we’re not using the integrated WoW calendar. Suggested strategy:

  1. Pick one primary event scheduling system.
  2. List the events on our WoW calendar. We’ll need to create a “community” version of our Guild so cross-server folks can access it (if we don’t already have one).
  • Recruitment: If we don’t already have one, should we create a “Friends of Gaymers United” WoW community that folks on different servers and in different guilds can join?
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