Raid Meeting Notes (April 24th, 2021)

We had a great meeting before our Saturday raid last week, and we discussed a lot of topics that are important for us improving as a team and individuals. Here are a couple of topics that we discussed:

  • Help gather materials for raid consumables.

    • @Levenit has posted a list of which materials would be most useful [here]( Materials Needed for Raid Supplies - World of Warcraft / Raiding - Gaymers Community)
    • Consumables have been largely provided by one or two people, which places an undo burden on them. Any help to gather the materials would be greatly appreciated.
    • There is now a Raider Mats and Raider Crafts tabs in the guild bank to help manage donating materials and using the items crafted from said materials.
  • We should strive for less downtime.

    • It’s been noted that, while the chatter is certainly welcome and provides a great raiding atmosphere, we should prevent “downtime” by staying active while joking around in Discord – such as clearing trash, on the runs back to the encounter, etc.
  • We are moving back to 3 hours a night!!

    • It was mentioned that restricting our nights to only 2 hours made it very difficult to make significant progression or fully clear the raid in a week.
    • Please let us know if you have any difficulties with attending during the additional hour.
  • Attendance is of utmost significance

    • One of the issues that we’ve run into is general attendance. While it’s understandable that people have things come up, or they are simply no longer interested in playing WoW for the remaining duration of the patch, it leaves the rest of the raid in a tight spot.
    • We highly encourage anyone that needs to step out, even for a night, to post a quick message in Discord to let us know you won’t be able to attend. You don’t need to go into detail, and you are more than welcome to reach out to anyone on the leadership team if you prefer to let us know privately.
  • Lead Players for Roles

    • It would be incredibly helpful, overall, to have two or three other people in the raid to help manage announcing raid mechanics and suggesting difference strategies based on what their specific roles (damage, healers, tanks) require.
    • We could, potentially, have a lead for the ranged and a lead for the melee. Alternatively, we could have a healer lead, a damage lead, and a tank lead.
    • Please let me know if you’d be interested in helping out!
  • Encouraging Off-specs

  • Setting Expectations

    • With us striving for more difficult content, it will be necessary for us to ensure that raiders understand the expectations.
    • We will be more active in assisting players that need help achieving better damage, healing, or tanking.

Just wanted to add that we also talked about having Strat Nights to preview fights and learn the strats before trying the boss. :smiley:

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