Suggestions for Improving Performance in Raids


How do you improve raid performance?

For our experienced raiders out there, or simply those that have been on the “scene” for some time and picked up a thing or two, please leave your suggestions on how to improve raid performance below.


Okay; so, I’ll start with this little suggestion. Find ways to record your performance, such as using Warcraft Logs or looking through Details (addon) after an encounter. Did you perform as well as you expected?

A wonderful streamer that I enjoy watching (Preach Gaming) has mentioned that a great way to improve your performance is to record the raid. Then, you can playback the encounter to see exactly where you messed up on a rotation or encounter mechanics and make plans to do better.

I think having a consistent group that can reasonably commit to raid nights can help us enormously. We all have stuff IRL that happens for sure. But to learn and progress we need people who can consistently work together so we can gel as a raid team.

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Simulations and Logging

Players can also use a tool like Raidbots, Simulationcraft, and AskMrRobot to determine their character’s theoretical output in certain situations. This is incredibly useful in getting a general idea of how much can be improved with rotation and skill selections. As an example, @pauljorr can use Raidbots to see how much damage his character Aerovincia should be doing in high movement fights. Raidbots tells him that he can, theoretically, put out a bit over 3,000 damage per second; Paul notices that he’s been doing around 2,700 damage per second. There’s still room for improvement, and he can use the Raidbots report to see what spells/abilities need to be cast more often, etc.

As always, it is difficult to compete with a computer when it comes to pure numbers – but getting a general idea of how much damage or healing a character can output will enable players to understand how much room there is to improve.