Weekend Raid (April 2021, 16th and 17th)

Hello Raiders!

This week we will be knocking down Heroic Shriekwing on Friday. Once we get that ol’ bat out of the way, we can decide to either continue with heroic or go practice more on normal. As a bit of a forewarning, it’s very much expected that we encounter some difficulty with heroic bosses, and it may be necessary to mentally prepare ourselves (as well as grabbing a nice soothing cup of tea) to make little progress.

If there is overwhelming support for only progressing heroic, then we will all get together to discuss what that means overall as a raid team and the slight change in expectations that comes with increasing the difficulty.

Please select which raid difficulty you would like to progress on this week!

  • Heroic
  • Normal

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I can go with either. Have healer to start normal but Hunter for heroic so I can go with the flow

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I’m excited to see you heal! I haven’t played a lot of Resto Druid this expansion, but I hear it is doing very well for itself. Plus, it’s fairly trivial to switch over to balance if needed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: