Weekend Raid (April 2021, 31st and May 2021, 1st)


Friday Night Logs
Saturday Night Logs


Hungering Destroyer was, by far, our most difficult encounter this week. It took us 14 attempts to improve our performance to the degree that we could get it down. As a massive positive, the log for our actual kill has 0 deaths, and it is around one to two minutes less in time than our previous attempts that got close to killing him.

If you look at the combined log for all of our attempts at Hungering Destroyer here, you will see that Miasma was by far the main ability that dealt the most damage to each player. However, Volatile Eruptions (beams) were massively the number one reason that people died. Those beams deal fairly significant damage, even if you don’t have the debuff that makes you take 500% more damage from it – adding onto the fact that you’re probably already weakened from Miasma, it is critical that damage mitigation abilities are saved for Volatile Eruption and if you have Miasma when we all have to spread.

Attendance was, also, a little touch-and-go this week. We ended up doing much better without the pug players on Saturday night, but we ended up with the very minimum of what we could have in the raid. If plausible, please try to let us know if you can or cannot attend the raid nights.

With us bouncing into heroic, higher level mythic keystone dungeons will be massively helpful in getting better gear. Please don’t hesitate to start a group via Discord or join a group for Mythic Mondays or the Hump Day dungeons! Whenever I list the raid in the group finder, it actually says the recommended item level is 215. While that’s probably aiming quite high, it gives us a good goal to reach overall.