All the Mods 9 Community Server

It’s finally time! We have an All the Mods 9 community server.


:bangbang: The server address is
:bangbang: Check the current server version on the status webpage. The motd on the multiplayer screen in Minecraft will also display the current version.

Download the All the Mods 9 modpack using whatever client you prefer (Curse, GDLauncher, etc.). Make sure to download the same version that is being run on the server; it may be a couple versions behind the latest.

Community Etiquette

  • Don’t grief.
  • Limit use of forced chunk loading
    • Make sure to unload your chunks if you plan to be away for an extended period

New to Modded Minecraft?

All the Mods 9 has an amazing questbook that serves as a great guide in progressing through the pack and using various popular mods, such as Refined Storage, Silent Gear, and Mekanism. There are, also, a number of really useful commands available:

  • /sethome, /home
    • Use the first command to set your home location, such as your base. The second command can be used to immediately teleport back to that location. There is a 30 minute cooldown on using the /home command; so, it’s still useful to explore other mods for teleporting.
  • /sethome <name>, /home <name>
    • These commands all you to create a ‘named’ home and teleport to them. The /home <name> command shared a cooldown timer with the default /home.
  • /spawn
    • This command will take you back to the spawn location of the world. It could be particularly useful if community resources, such as shops and other such buildings, are built around the spawn area.
  • /rtp
    • Use with caution (definitely make sure you are not on cooldown to teleport home). The command will teleport you to a random location… and it can send you a long way from home. It is incredibly useful for exploring and locating out-of-the-way locations for mass mining resources.

Additionally, the All the Mods 9 quests give rewards when you complete them! The loot can be really awesome and give you a jumpstart. Access the questbook by opening your inventory and then clicking on quests in the top-left corner. The list of quests can be expanding by holding your mouse over the left-side edge of the game screen.

Claiming Land

Players can claim the land for their bases, farms, and projects for themselves and their teams. The claimed chunks prevent interactions from non-approved players, chunk explosions, or PVP combat if set to false. You can manage who is allowed to interact with your claimed land via teams and allies.

More information about this can be found at…

All the Mods 8 Archive

With us moving to All the Mods 9, we have retired and archived the All the Mods 8 server. The archival files can be downloaded via the link below. Please note that some of the configuration files have been changed. If you run this world locally and update the pack, you may need to change a couple of the mod configurations to keep your machines working as expected. Those configuration changes are listed in

ATM8 - December 9, 2023 - Archive