Checking interest in raiding for Patch 10.1


Raid is opening up a week after 10.1!


The following polls will help us gauge what roles we will need to fill, as well as if we should change the current raiding schedule or any policies for raiding.

General raid expectations

Please note that this is not for the progression focused raiding team lead by Pocketbear and Otter. This is singularly for the community raid team. The community team will primarily focus on moving through the normal difficulty of the raid, with some potential of doing a few heroic bosses towards the end of the expansion.

We ask that people try to attend regularly and do their best at improving as needed. Our goal, however, is to simply having a fun night with a great group of like-minded people – free of toxic expectations and stressful notions of “get good or get out”. We will do our best to help one another and provide support in playing a game that we all enjoy.


Please respond to the following polls. Again, please note that this is not for the progression raiding team that is currently scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This is only for the community raid.

What days or times are you available to regularly attend raiding?

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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For the poll below, times listed are the starting point for the raid night. The raid will end ~2 hours after the start time. If you select the first option, (4PM (PT) | 7PM (ET)) then the raid for that time-slot will end at 6PM (PT) | 9PM (ET).

  • 4PM (PT) | 7PM (ET)
  • 5PM (PT) | 8PM (ET)
  • 6PM (PT) | 9PM (ET)
  • 7PM (PT) | 10PM (ET)
  • 8PM (PT) | 11PM (ET)
  • 9PM (PT) | 12AM (ET)
  • 10PM (PT) | 1AM (ET)
  • 11PM (PT) | 2AM (ET)

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In the following poll, please make sure to select the role that you prefer playing. If you have fun playing multiple roles, please reply to this thread with what roles you can fill. Additionally, responding to this poll does not ‘lock’ you into any specific roll.

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Damage Dealer

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Please let me know if you have any questions by responding to this thread. We’d be happy to have you raid with us in 10.1!!