Raid Cancelled for March 17th & 18th (2023)

Hiya All,

We are going to cancel raid for this upcoming weekend. This is, in part, due to the weekend of open beta for Diablo IV that starts on Friday, but patch 10.07 is also right around the corner - not to mention that a good many students are enjoying the start/end of their Spring Break this weekend.

Next week is when patch 10.07 releases. I can’t recall any major interface changes coming with the patch, but don’t be surprised if it takes a day or two for add-ons to be in a usable state. The patch, also, comes with many options to catch up with gear. This, along with some other gear boosts and damage increases, should definitely give us a leg up in raid.

Note: there is hefty talent tree shuffling taking place for a few classes in this next patch. Please make sure to update any talent builds as needed.

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